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New Assessment Books for AHC10

New Assessment Books are being developed in 2013.  The corresponding Learning Guides are also being revised to ensure currency.  Both of these will go a long way to making life easier for Learners and Assessors alike.  See availability list under Learning Guides.


Why use the Adland Assessment Books?

The Adland Assessment Books contain a mix of assessment tools which will help you meet the assessment requirements as well as give meaningful feedback on the Learner's progress throughout the Unit.

Use our Adland Assessment Books because they:

  • address all Elements, Performance Criteria, Skills and Knowledge
  • explicity address Employability Skills
  • take account of the new 2012 WHS (OHS) laws
  • provide 3 forms of evidence.
Also, with your first order you will receive a free Validation Tool.  This allows your organisation to demonstrate how using the Adland Assessment Books will display "validity, reliability, currency and authenticity" in your assessment of Learners.

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