Adland Eco-cultural Tours

Why come with us?  We take care of you. We are a family business specialising in the personal touch. We take a maximum of 14 people on tour and our tours are escorted by us plus trusted local guides - but we make sure that there is also time for exploring on your own. You stay in typical 3-4 star boutique accommodation (always a room with private bathroom), so that you can experience some of the local culture. You’ll have a great time and lots of fun - safe adventures.

Galapagos Islands Tour

You’ll love the Galápagos Islands – they’re like no other place on earth.
Available NOV 2020 - BOOK NOW
11 days in Galápagos - immersive land-based tour on three different islands where you'll see the amazing wildlife up close. (Optional cruise is available afterwards). Plus 1 day in Lima and 4 days on mainland Ecuador.   


Cusco & Machu Picchu Tour

Explore the exotic and mysterious cities of the Inca.
Available OCT 2020 - BOOK NOW
11 days in Peru - 3 days in and around Cusco exploring local markets (including Pisaq) and Inca stone-work. Plus the world-famous train trip into Machu Picchu with 2 days in and around Machu Picchu (one day guided, one day free for exploring the cloud forest – hiking, climbing, photographing orchids and birds); 2 days in Ollantaytambo + 4 days in the fertile Sacred Valley where it is perpetual spring.  

Andes to the Amazon Tour

A safe adventure into the exciting Amazon rainforest.
Not available in 2020.
This trip is an exploration of three different forest ecosystems – their plants, birds and other animals. Two days traveling by private transport over the Andes and exploring the cloud forest to search for Peru’s national bird. Then into a motorized canoe for an amazing trip down a tributary of the Amazon river. Five days exploring first, the tropical lowland forest then the pristine rainforest of the World Natural Heritage Site at Manu – one of the world's top 10 wild-life venues.

Madagascar Tour


Discover the Magic of Madagascar - land of the lemurs.
Available in SEPT - OCT 2021 - ENQUIRE NOW
Travel by private transport throughout the island exploring various national parks with their treasure troves of unusual plants and animals – lemurs, chameleons, frogs, birds. Learn about the variety of people of Madagascar and their culture.

Reunion/Mauritius Tour


A ramble in rugged Reunion and a taste of delicious Mauritius.
Available in OCT 2021 - ENQUIRE NOW
Travel for 4 days by private transport to explore the two volcanoes of Reunion Island (one active and one dormant) and their extraordinary landscapes with 1000’s of waterfalls … as well as the French colonial culture. Plus 3 days in Mauritius to soak up and savour Mauritian hospitality and multi-lingual culture.


“We specialise in the personal touch, only take a small group of people on each tour, have designed the itinerary ourselves to take advantage of the best sites to visit and stay in boutique accommodation so that you can experience some of the local culture. You'll have a great time and lots of fun - friends and memories for life”.