Andes to the Amazon

Just imagine:

  • travelling over the rugged Andes to a sensational cloud forest dripping with orchids, mosses and lichens,
  • seeing beautiful hovering humming birds collecting nectar,
  • canoeing along water trials in the rainforest,
  • hearing the jet-engine roar of howler monkeys.

The great Amazon River basin is vast with an area of 5.4 million - 70% of the area of Australia. Its humble beginnings are in a freshwater spring in an alpine marsh high in the Andes near Cusco in Peru. It draws its water from nine countries on its way to the Atlantic Ocean in far off Brazil.

The river travels through diverse ecosystems, from the mountain marshes through cloud forest, lowland tropical forest and rainforest jungle, just to name a few. A drop of water takes 6 weeks (on average) to travel 6516 km from source to mouth.  You’ll travel on part of this great journey.

You travel in a small group, maximum of 16 people, escorted by trusted local naturalist guides.

The Amazon 

  • contains 20% of the world’s fresh water
  • discharges into the Atlantic per 24 hours = the amount discharged by the Thames in a year.
  • has a flow = 12x that of the Mississippi River
  • contains 30% of the world’s species – 20% of the world’s plants, > 1500 species of bird, thousands of insects and frogs, many of which are undescribed.

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