The Audio-play

The Audio-play takes you on a unique, immersive journey creatively combining voice, sound and music (European, Eastern, Australian and Indigenous). It runs for over 3 hours and is presented in convenient, bite sized episodes. Think of it as the soundtrack of a full length feature film.

The 150 page script, written by Rod McMillan & Michèle Adler (who is Ted Ryko’s grand-daughter), is the result of extensive research before and during a two year writing period under the guidance of Darwin based professional screenwriter Philip Denson (winner Australian Writers Guild Monty Miller Award 2019) and Melbourne based actor and mentor Jasper Bagg.  The script has been peer reviewed and checked for its Indigenous and Chinese content.

Recording and Release

Recording commenced in July 2021 however, development has been hampered by Covid health restrictions. All things being equal, 28 Days & 7 minutes is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2022, initially on ABC Radio, Gippsland. But we would like your help. Support the artists.