Located off the east coast of Africa. Locals call it the red island because of its iron-impregnated soil. Due to its isolation for such a long time Madagascar has developed a unique flora and fauna - strange baobab trees, unusual succulents and rare orchids make it a real botanical paradise. It is a unique landscape with tropical lowland rainforests, cool central highlands, deserts and beautiful beaches.

The fauna is also extraordinary. For the keen birdo's there are 258 bird species, with almost half of these being endemic (found nowhere else in the world). For the herpatologists there are half the world's population of chameleons (small reptiles that can change colour). Madagascar is home to nearly 100 different sorts of lemur (the only place in the world where our distant ancestors are found), 100's of species of colourful, endemic frogs and zillions of multi-coloured butterflies.

Madagascar has a fascinating history as it was on the trade route to the East Indies. It has exotic stories of trade, pirates and massacres. It was settled by the French in the mid 1600's.  It became a French colony in 1896 and achieved independence in 1960.  Today it is a mix of diverse cultures from Asia, Africa and France. 

You travel in a small group by plane, boat and 4x4/minibus.  Maximum 14 participants. Escorted by us and our Madagascar biologist, English-speaking partner and local naturalist guides.

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