The Audio drama

RYKO : A Wild Life is a full-cast audio production with a total run time is 4 hrs 28 mins; presented in 15 episodes. It is available on 43 different audio book / podcast platforms, including Spotify (it is not available on Audible). It was released on 2 May 2023.

RYKO – A Wild Life takes you on a unique, immersive journey creatively combining voice, sound and music. Think of it as the soundtrack of a full length feature film (coming next!).

The Voices are drawn from across Australia – from regional and urban Victoria to Alice Springs, Darwin and Arnhem Land.

Music plays a major role and incorporates the work of local, national and international Musicians performing multi-cultural and traditional pieces (Western, Eastern and Indigenous). It also includes a commissioned work, Ryko’s Theme, (see below) by musician/composer, Irine Vela.

The script, written by Rod McMillan & Michèle Adler (who is Ted Ryko’s grand-daughter), is the result of extensive research before and during a two year writing period under the guidance of Darwin based professional screenwriter Philip Denson (winner Australian Writers Guild Monty Miller Award 2019) and Melbourne based actor and mentor Jasper Bagg.  The script has been peer reviewed and checked for its Indigenous and Chinese content.

Ryko’s Theme

 1 – Ryko’s Ride (22 mins)
 2 – Who’s that fellow? (15 mins)
 3 – The Goose Club (16 mins)
 4 – Journalistic integrity (13½ mins)
 5 – The Outdoor Photographer (17½ mins)
 6 – Rubbing shoulders (21 mins)
 7 – It’s a slow race (17½ mins)
 8 – Exploring the Top End (21 mins)
 9 – It’s become our fight (15 mins)
10 – A goanna amongst the chooks (17½ mins)
11 – Australia is my home (17 mins)
12 – Hell with the lid off (18 mins)
13 – Follow your instincts (15 mins)
14 – Death in the Crocodile Islands (23 mins)
15 – Ultimatum (18½ mins)

Music sample